Chrome – Upgrade Supervised User to Normal

I recently created a protected user in chrome without really knowing anything about this feature. Later I realised I couldn’t install add ons so wanted to upgrade the users permissions and keep all the cookies and settings for this new user. There is no direct way to upgrade a user in the UI so you have to fiddle about with the filesystem, Here’s how to do it. This is for mac but should translate to other OS’s if you change the profile location.

1 Create a new user, give it a new name, this will be your upgraded users profile.
2 Close Chrome
3 Go to ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/ and work out which folder represents the old Supervised User, Copy all contents in here to the folder of the New user created in step 1*.
4 In the new user’s profile location open the file ‘Preferences’ in a text editor.
5 Find the key ‘profile’ and under here zero out the managed_user_id key so it reads – “managed_user_id”: “”,
6 completely remove the key also under profile, this looks something like this..

"managed": {
         "custodian_email": "<YOUR EMAIL>",
         "custodian_name": "<YOUR NAME>",
         "shared_settings": {
            "<YOUR CODE>=": {
               "chrome-avatar-index": {
                  "acknowledged": true,
                  "value": 13

7 Still in the new users profile folder, remove the file ‘Managed Mode Settings’
8 Restart Chrome, your user will now be a normal user with all the old supervised user’s settings

* To work out which folder belongs to which user open the ‘Preferences’ file in a folder and search for the ‘profile’ key. Note the new user should be a folder called Profile X where X is an incremental number so you’d look at the highest.

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